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Green Camo Trucker Hat


The DoLife Trucker Hat features a plastic adjustable snap back closure for an easy and comfortable fit as well as an insulated mesh backing for breathability. As with all Dolife accessories, features our Hook and Loop technology for easy, durable, and secure patch attaching.

Best fit size range: 7″ – 7 1/4″

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Look no further for the perfect hat that can take you on your next adventure and let others know how you feel with one of our hundred of DoLife patches. Now available in green camo, The DoLife Trucker Hat not only looks stylish but also keeps you comfortable and cool with its insulated mesh backing. With our signature Hook and Loop technology, you can be sure that your patches won’t just fly away, especially when you rattle down the road. Whether you’re straight-hauling with the pedal to the metal or hauling some load down the freeway, this hat is the perfect companion for your journey. Get ready to do life with the DoLife Trucker Hat!

Best fit size range: 7″ – 7 1/4″


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