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De Puta Madre Patch


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Hey there, amigos! Say hello to the De Puta Madre patch – the spicy little accessory that’s gonna give your wardrobe a serious kick in the culo. With its bold lettering and eye-catching design, this patch is the perfect way to show off your sassy side and let the world know that you don’t mess around. Stick it on your favorite DoLife hat, bag, loop surface, or your pet chihuahua (just kidding, don’t do that) … and watch as people admire your badass style. So if you’re ready to add some flavor to your fashion game, grab yourself a De Puta Madre patch and get ready to turn heads – and maybe even start a revolution. Dale!


  • 2.1 x 2.8 inches.
  • Includes hook fastener backing for attachment to DoLife hats, bags, and other loop surfaces.
  • Made in the USA



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